Ford C. Frick Award

The Ford C. Frick Award is presented annually to a broadcaster for "major contributions to baseball." The award, named after the late broadcaster, National League President, Commissioner, and Hall of Famer, has been presented annually since 1978. Frick was a driving force behind the creation of the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown and he helped foster the relationship between radio and the game of baseball.

Mel Allen and Red Barber were the first two recipients in 1978. A single winner has been selected in each year following.

A Hall of Fame research team releases the list of eligible candidates each September. Beginning with the 2014 Award, the era in which each candidate broadcaster is deemed to have had the most significant impact is determined by the research team.

The “Living Room Era” – to be presented at the Hall of Fame Awards Presentation in 2015 – will consider candidates whose most significant years fell during the mid-1950s through the early 1980s, as the game spread through television and into homes across the country.

The “Broadcasting Dawn Era” – to be presented at the Hall of Fame Awards Presentation in 2016 – will consider candidates who contributed to the early days of baseball broadcasting, from its origins through the early-1950s.

The “High Tide Era” – presented during the annual Hall of Fame Awards Presentation in 2014 and next in 2017 – will consider candidates whose contributions have come during the regional cable network era, beginning with the mid-1980s through today.

Fans will have the online opportunity to select three of the 10 finalists. The research committee will set the remainder of the ballot and announce the final 10-name ballot in early October.

The 19-member Frick Award Committee casts ballots during November, and the results announced during the Baseball Winter Meetings in December. The Frick Award electorate is comprised of the 15 living Frick Award recipients and four broadcast historians/columnists.

Voters are asked to base their selections on longevity; continuity with a club; honors, including national assignments such as the World Series and All-Star Games; and popularity with fans. To be considered, an active or retired broadcaster must have a minimum of 10 years of continuous major league broadcast service with a ball club, network, or a combination of the two.

The Ford C. Frick Award is presented annually during the Hall of Fame Weekend. Each award recipient (not to be confused with an inductee) is presented with a calligraphy of the award and is recognized in the "Scribes & Mikemen" exhibit in the Library of the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

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